Away Rotations

Away rotations, also known as medical deployment… well at least to me it is like a deployment because they leave for a period of time. Apparently during this time I am termed an “away rotation widow” or at least that is what my future-sister-in-law calls it (A fellow medical spouse. Her husband is future Dr. Hubby’s older brother, an orthopedic surgery resident in Detroit).

Away rotations are when 4th year medical students go intern at hospitals where they are interested in possibly doing residency at, or at least planning to apply to and pray to get an interview at. What actually happens during that time is that the hospital eats them whole and they are unable to do anything else for those two months. They are essentially scut-monkeys for the current residents, low-man on the totem pole.

future Dr. Hubby is doing his first SubI (sub internship) at Johns Hopkins is Baltimore, MD and his second at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. For those not in the medical world, Johns Hopkins is the #1 hospital in the country and their neurosurgery department is where the famous Dr. Ben Carson practiced. Vanderbilt also has a top neurosurgery department which has been nicknamed “the Hopkins of the south”, or so I have heard. So, needless to say I am very proud of him for applying to these SubI’s and being accepted. It truly is a testament to how hard he has been working and shows us that the sacrifices have been worth it (as much as I hate to admit it).

Future Dr. Hubby is currently starting his third week at Hopkins and is on the Tumor service for the week. His first week he was working with the peds (children’s) neuro team and his second week he was on the vascular service. So far, besides the crazy hours and extreme lack of sleep, he is loving it! He feels that he matches up and is being challenged in ways he hasn’t been before. I am happy that he is enjoying his time and learning as much as he is, but I obviously miss him a lot.

I have seen him for very short periods of time on the weekends since he is staying in my parents finished-off apartment basement for his time at Hopkins. It was the best financial decision and that way my mom can check that he is still breathing when he comes home and passes out face down.

With future Dr. Hubby being a way, and me home and working trying to find creative outlets for myself, I thought this would be the PERFECT time to start a blog. So, here it is… my first blog post.

Hi blog world!

xoxo, Briana


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