Trauma. Gunshot To head. Brains Are Sticking Out

photo-17Yup, this is a text message that I received from my future Dr. Hubby when I asked him what he was up to today. Now, don’t get me wrong, this whole scenario is sad, but when I got the text I had to laugh to myself. I was not laughing because I think gunshots to the head are funny, I was laughing because these are the types of messages I will be getting from my husband for the rest of my life. Kind of like how I have become accustomed to coming home and seeing my chicken breasts and bananas stitched up. These are the types of things that surgeon’s spouses get used to… or at least try to get used to.

The truth is that when I was younger I explicitly told my family “I will never marry a doctor or a lawyer!” My reasoning at the time was that they must love their job more than their significant others to work that much. My family now laughs at how my life has worked out, and I too find it ironic, sometimes mean, but overall ironic. There are some days, like the really hard ones when he is working over 36 hours straight or when I have to do things alone while other couples are together, when I get sad and ask myself “what were you thinking?!” But the truth is, as hard as it is at times to be with someone who works this much, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would much rather be with someone who is doing what he was put on this earth to do than someone who just goes through the motions. I am proud of his hard work and dedication. I mean seriously I don’t know anyone who can sit still as long as he does to study, study and study some more.

When days are tough, I remind myself that he isn’t doing this on his own. I too, am working hard for his dream, I am his support and he needs me. So I guess I am lucky that I get text messages like this and have my chicken and bananas worked on because that is him sharing his day and experiences with me.

xoxo, Briana


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