Bridesmaid’s Proposals

I have been a bridesmaid once and honestly is was not as enjoyable as I hoped it would be. The bride was less than pleasant and let’s just say the wedding day was…interesting and ended with the groom vomiting during the reception. A story for another time. So from that point forward I vowed to never be a bridezilla and to make being my bridesmaids as much fun and rewarding as possible.

Of course when future Dr. Hubby and I got engaged I was SO excited to start planning. In true Briana fashion, I went out the day after we got engaged to pick-up the materials to make my bridesmaid’s proposals and started putting them together (future Dr. Hubby was working, so I had time to fill). I was thrilled with how they turned out and the girls loved them!



Materials Used:

  • Pink ribbon
  • Pink and white tissue paper
  • White pre-made, fold-up boxes (can find at any art supply store)
  • Diamond shaped magnets
  • Pink marker


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