Pick Your Own Adventure

Pick Your Own Adventure

As I mentioned in my last post (Residency Applications & Interviews), Future Dr. Hubby (FDH) submitted his residency applications a few weeks ago and is now receiving interview offers. At this point he has completed two interviews and has more being scheduled from now through January.

When you were a kid did you ever dream of living somewhere completely different from where you currently were living? Well I didn’t. As a kid I was happy as a clam in my little bubble that my parents created for me. In my teens when I started becoming increasingly more serious about my skiing, I started going away in the summers to train (Chile, Switzerland) and also went away in the winters to NH and then I spent my last two years of high school in Vermont. During the school year I would travel to compete and train in and out of the country. I then chose to go to college in northern NY. But, after college I moved back to where my family was, the DC metro area.

I guess what I am trying to say is that, though I am not new to moving around and traveling, I’m truly a homebody who always likes to come back home when all is said and done. I am for the most part pretty content with where we are living and what I am doing, mainly because it is familiar and my family is local. I mean, don’t get me wrong, sometimes this area makes me crazy and I often feel like I’m throwing money away, but all in all, we have a good life. We really are blessed. But, now FDH and I have a pending move ahead of us, which will occur immediatly after our honeymoon in June. Where the move will be to is seriously up to God and the location will be delivered to us in an envelope mid March. (Match Day).

I feel like every time FDH gets an interview offer we both stop what we are doing and imagine our lives in that location. We think about everything from the size of the city, to what the weather is like, to how affordable it would be to live there. It is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Honestly, it gets exhausting trying to imagine these different paths.

He got a great interview offer the other night while he was working a late ER shift so we discussed it the following morning. The program is in Phoenix.  So while we were talking about the possibilities we scanned the internet for information about the city: what there is to do, what the real estate market like, the weather, etc.

I then stopped and was like… umm there is no grass there, seriously where would our hypothetical dog poop? FDH laughed and responded with: “The dirt?” I looked at him and was like: feel free to go to that interview, but I can not live somewhere that doesn’t have grass haha….

I had drinks with a friend of mine the other day and when I was describing this whole situation, and how the application and interview process goes she looked at me and said “It’s like…pick your own adventure!

So yes, we are currently thinking about our possible adventures…preferably in locations that have grass 🙂

Interview Journal

While I was home at my parents two weekends ago I was discussing how crazy it is that FDH could be going to 15 or more interviews.  So many different programs to keep straight. Of course since I am not the medical student I will not be partaking in these trips, especially since I have a job that will not allow me to take so much time off. With that being said, I want to feel involved and feel like I am contributing to the process since we are a team. My mom had the great idea that I should start an interview log in a notebook, that way when FDH gets back from each interview we can sit down and talk through everything. This is a great way to keep it all written down so we have it later to reference when we have to rank all the programs. Obviously, FDH will have system of his own, but at least we will have this together. So far so good!



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