Ivory Lace Peplum

As you will notice I have purchased a lot of my pieces from The Limited. I have been shopping there since my senior year of college, prepping for my “big girl jobs” :-). The main reason is that they offer sales and coupons on a regular basis which makes things affordable for the young working professional. I honestly have never purchased anything full price from the store.  My dad has joked on a number of occasions “You can go broke shopping sales!” But, for me it is important to save as much as I can and still refresh my wardrobe. With that being said, I like to buy pieces that I can wear in and out of the office, that is often how I justify a purchase.

In this case I am wearing the same ivory lace peplum shirt in the two outfits below. I kept the same color scheme, but wore other items to make a casual outfit and an outfit to wear to the office.



Ivory Lace Peplum: The Limited

Coral & Gold Necklace: The Limited

Boots: Nine West




Brown Dress Slacks: The Limited

Brown Boyfriend Sweater: The Limited (Last Winter)

Cheetah Stilettos: Nine West (2 years ago)



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  1. This is one of my favorite shirts in my closet!

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