The Countdown

A few months ago my soon to be sister-in-law showed me a countdown app for my iphone. She has hers set counting down to when she and her husband will finish his 5 year orthopedic surgery residency; which at the time they were about a year and a half into. Me being the type-A planner that I am, of course immediately downloaded the app and programmed some important dates: Match day, Med school graduation, our wedding and the start of residency. And every once in a while I will look at how many days are left until each of our milestones. Yesterday I got a notification saying “6 Months Until Our Wedding!!” and it made me stop and think about how much everything is going to change in a very short period of time. It also reminded me to stop and enjoy this stage because things are never going to be like this again.

I am the type of person who always has to have a goal set or a deadline to work towards. I personally struggle with living in the here an now because I am too busy trying to plan for the future. I can honestly attribute my success thus for for that type of mentality, but I can also attribute my stress and anxiety at times to it as well. I can also thank my father for this, because he is exactly the same way. Frankly, my family doesn’t know how to chill out and relax :-). I struggle with the grey area in life, I like when things are black or white. So obviously, this stage in the game is tough for me since the only thing I know for sure is that I am marrying the love of my life May 31, 2014 and he will be starting residency *somewhere* in July which will cause us to move *somewhere* in June and we will find out where this *somewhere* is in March. Yea, this *somewhere* is driving me a little crazy. But, in the mean time I am trying my best to enjoy things as they are and not stress about the unknown, appreciating what I have now in the present.

Countdown until…

Match day: 102 Days

Medical School Graduation: 166 Days

Our Wedding: 180 Days

Residency Starts: about 210 Days


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