In Sickness and In Health.

“I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life”

In about 115 days I will be standing at the alter, facing my best friend, reciting these words in front of our family and friends. Who knew these words would become so true before we even had the opportunity to say them to each other. Well, hey, I guess we got a little extra practice at dealing with big, real life, scary things, before we are officially husband and wife — as if medical school and corporate america wasn’t enough to deal with 🙂

December 23rd a very difficult day and I wouldn’t have made it without my mom who came into the city to sit with me during the surgery. I would not say I am  exactly a patient person and waiting 5.5 hours during the surgery was enough to make me go bonkers. When I first saw future Dr. Hubby following his surgery he was sitting up, drinking juice and making jokes, like usual, which was a HUGE relief. He spent two nights in the hospital and I was right there with him sleeping (yea right I didn’t sleep a wink) on the couch. His surgery was a success and I am happy to report that he is officially on the mend. He will be undergoing radioactive iodine ablation towards the end of February, which should destroy any remaining microscopic cancer cells. Thank goodness!!

Though our Christmas season was not what we had planned for, we did get to spend Christmas together and this brought my family and my future in-laws together for the first time (My family is from outside DC and his family is from Wisconsin.) So for all of that I am very grateful.

Now on to the next challenge… residency rank list…


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