Rank Lists & 2nd Looks

Time is flying by and Match Day will be here before we know it! Future Dr. Hubby’s rank list is due February 26th which means most of our conversations for the past week have revolved around various residency programs around the country. So much so I have implemented a rule- no talking about rank list/ programs/ residency during dinner or really any time that I am sick of talking about it.

This past Sunday and Monday we took a trip up to Pittsburgh to check things out and to get a better idea for the area. Future Dr. Hubby had an interview here back in November and we decided that it would be worth a second look. As I mentioned in a previous post, there are obviously so many things to consider when it comes to ranking programs, but one important thing for us is if I can work in the city. My company actually has an office, that I could potentially transfer to, in Pittsburgh so we looked around the city Sunday and I went into the office on Monday to get a feel.

A number of the other programs that are high on the list did not encourage “second looks” which in some ways is nice so you don’t feel forced to spend the money to go back and schmooze. But, I do wish it was feasible to do second looks at a number of places so we both could  feel like we had a good handle on the options, beyond the program.

Like every other 4 year student (and spouse/partner/family) we both are tired of the process and ready for Match Day to come so we can then start planning accordingly. In the next 2.5 weeks we will be nailing down the list and hoping for the best. We do believe that we will end up where we are meant to be and it will be an adventure regardless of where he matches.

Match Day: 45 Days!!



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