Another Second Look & Final Rank List

In my last post I ended with saying: “In the next 2.5 weeks we will be nailing down the list and hoping for the best. ” Well, in those 2.5 weeks we took a little trip!

The most important thing that I learned from future Dr. Hubby’s residency interview process is to keep an open mind. Not saying that I was able to the entire time, but overall I think I did an okay job. With a few minor freak-outs periodically :-). Going into the application process we had talked in-depth about locations and programs and after each interview we would have a thorough conversation about how he felt (See Pick Your Own Adventure). But, I can tell you that your thoughts going into the process will likely change by the end of the process. I’m not saying that your priorities or goals will change, but your mind can, if you allow it to be, opened to other opportunities.

With that being said, I basically said that we could not apply to the west coast because it is too far away from both families and the cost of living is very high. Somehow Arizona made it on the list and of course the program in Phoenix offered an interview. Future Dr. Hubby had that interview just two weeks after his surgery, so when he called me after the first day RAVING about it, I knew it had to a great program with good people. Of course I was skeptical for many reasons (too many to list), but the more he talked the more interested I became. Since I had never been there and I had been to every other city in his top 5 we planned a last minute trip to visit the land of desert.

Once we got back from our quick trip we had a week before the rank list was due (Feb 26th). At that point we knew how we were going to rank programs so it was just a matter submitting everything. We are feeling confident about things and anxiously awaiting Match Day which is quickly approaching (March 21).

15 days until we find out where we will be starting our lives together as Dr. and Mrs.!

*Positive thoughts*




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