Invite List & Invitations

When a couple gets engaged one of the first recommended wedding planning tasks is to begin putting together the invite list. It is wise to start compiling a list to get a grasp on event size expectations which ultimately helps shape a number of other pieces of the wedding. Once you determine a rough idea of the size of event you can then go on to pick a venue. And after the venue… the to-dos are endless 🙂

Our invite list process was pretty painless, but I have heard that it is one of the most challenging pieces of wedding planning for some couples. There are great references out there for those who might have a tough time making “cuts” to the list or are need help determining who to invite. Real Simple and Martha Stewart Weddings are good resources. I would say that the further you are out of college it is more difficult to determine who is technically still a real friend vs. someone you were friends with back then. Guys tend to struggle with this one since most guys are terrible at keeping in touch with friends anyway. My piece of advise in terms of organization is to keep everything in an excel spreadsheet and utilize different tabs. Having everything organized that way has been a lifesaver for us…well me.

As you already know I opted to do save the dates to let our guests know our location and date (See Save The Dates). When it came to choosing invitations, I had already found a design I loved before Future Dr. Hubby proposed. Don’t judge, I was just pre planning :-). Our invitations were designed by Wedding Paper Divas and I absolutely love them and I can’t wait for my family and friends to see them. The site made things every easy to customize and the designers even send a proof for you to approve before they start printing. For me it was very practical as I didn’t have time to be going to a stationary store to go through the whole design and proof process in person.

We had determined earlier on that I would not be addressing the invites because I have big girly handwriting. Surprisingly enough, Future Dr. Hubby has perfect penmanship, so he was assigned to addressing the envelopes. As I say, it has been his contribution to the planning process 🙂 Some people pay for a calligrapher, which is totally okay, if you are willing to spend the money on it. In our case, I didn’t think it was necessary. The goal to addressing the invitations is to begin the process early so you don’t feel rushed. I think we started about 3 week ago and have slowly does piece by piece around our schedule.

I am feeling good about our progress and excited to get the invitations out soon so we  can move on to the tasks that come after getting the response cards… like table assignments and name cards! Fun fun!


81 days until the wedding!! Invites going out soon!


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