DC’s 4th Snow Day & He Matched!

Well this winter has been something else. It is St. Patrick’s Day and today was the fourth day that DC shutdown due to snow. Hello Mother Nature it is March 17! Yes, when you live/ work in the district you learn very quickly that they have NO idea how to handle a few inches of snow. Those of you who have been here for at least 5 years you will remember the snowpocalypse winter ’09/’10 where the area got 2-3 back-to-back storms with snow accumulating over 2 feet and the city shut down for a week.  But, anyway I have been enjoying another day that I get to work from home in my yoga pants and slippers while watching Ellen.


Also, today was the day that 4th year medical students around the country got an email telling them whether or not they matched into a residency program. Since I was home due to this lovely snow day, I got to be there when Future Dr. Hubby got that email- which I am very thankful for. He has officially been matched to a program which means that he will finally have an income! haha I’m just kidding (but not really). We now have 4 more days until we find out where he matched and what city/state we will be moving to in June!


Congrats 4th years! The hard work and sacrifices are finally paying off! Can’t wait until Friday at noon!


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