Match Day 2014

As expected future Dr. Hubby and I had a very sleepless Thursday night. I woke up to him watching videos on Hulu at 3:30am because he just couldn’t sleep. Seriously, the morning couldn’t come soon enough.

Before heading to the school we had to stop by the hospital for future Dr. Hubby to get some blood work done. The doctors are still monitoring how his thyroid supplement is working because it is important that he is kept consistently hyperthyroid to prevent the regeneration of cancer cells.

We then made our way over to the med school, which is right next to the hospital, in time for the 12:00pm EST match reveal. When we entered the room underclassman were cheering at the door. Once we got into the auditorium we mingled with friends and attempted to make small talk knowing that we all were mentally preoccupied. You really could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Everyone was so excited, but above all, anxious and ready to find out where they matched. I personally was feeling everyone’s anxiety on top of my own and teared up as soon as I saw a fellow med school significant other, and good friend, start to get emotional. I feel as though I am not giving the situation a fair description, but believe me when I say it was such an exciting, anxiety provoking event to experience.


At 11:57 the Dean made the announcement that the students needed to go get their envelopes. Now imagine a couple hundred over achievers running to the corners of the room to be given their future in an envelope…mass chaos! Once future Dr. Hubby got back to me the Dean asked if everyone had their envelops- the answer was no. We stood there as he held the answer in his hands for a few more minutes, which felt like forever. Then at a little past noon we hear “everyone ready?! okay in 3…2…1… open your envelopes!!”

Future Dr. Hubby matched to a prestigious neurosurgery residency program and I couldn’t be more proud! I am thrilled to say that we don’t have to move across the country, I get to keep my job and we get to stay near my family. Check, check and check!! It was music to our ears. Now, it was not our first choice, nor was it what we expected, but as we have realized, everything truly happens for a reason and we couldn’t be happier with the match we got. It was a long road and boy did we learn a lot through the process. It is going to be an exciting 7 years and I can’t wait to share our experiences with everyone.

Congratulations class of 2014! 52 days until you are officially MDs!



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  1. Monica says:

    Congratulations! Out of Mr. H’s 160-student cohort, I think there were three students who announced they were doing neurosurgery–best of luck to you both!

    1. prmeetsor says:

      Hi! Thanks! Same to you guys!! We all made it 🙂 now on to the next adventure- Luckily yours will not be 7 years like future Dr. Hubby’s haha.

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