House Hunting

Since future Dr. Hubby and I are staying somewhat in the area we have jumped right into the next item on our “to-do” list… house hunting! We figured there was no time to waste since he will be starting residency July 1st and we will be busy with wedding related things through mid June. We are fortunate that the areas we are looking aren’t too far away from where we currently are living so we can look at places on the weekends or if need be, an evening after work.

This past Saturday we looked at 5 homes in our price range in varying neighborhoods. I would say that it was overall a good experience. We learned what areas we are actually interested in and those that we are not all that comfortable with. A big topic of discussion for us is commuting distances for the both of us. Since future Dr. Hubby will be working in Baltimore and I will be in DC, we need to find a place that is close enough to the highway/train/metro.

We did find a home that we really liked, but unfortunately another couple beat us to it- which is part of the process. But, we are really excited to keep looking at homes and to hopefully find a place that we can start our married life in together.



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