Catching up – Month of May


So I apologize that it has been about a month since I have updated everyone on our happenings, but let me tell you, things have been a little hectic. So here is the run down.

1. Living Situation: Earlier on I mentioned that we were house hunting because we would be in the area for a minimum of 7 years and it would financially be a better option. With that being said, we just flat out ran out of time and needed to find a place to live at least for the first year ASAP. We opted to rent an apartment between DC and Baltimore since I will still be commuting into DC and future Dr. Hubby will be heading into Baltimore. We will be moving this weekend so we will be all set for him to start residency shortly after we get back from our honeymoon. Perk of future Dr. Hubby being done with school: he has all the time in the world to pack up our apartment while I am at work! YAY 🙂

2. I Bought a Car: So since we will no longer be living in a city where I can use public transportation and walk everywhere I need to go it was necessary for me to get a car. This is another reason we put the breaks on to buying a home because we needed to fork out some money for a new car. But, I am pretty excited about my new wheels!


3. Wedding planning: wedding planning has been a little hectic now that we are only 9 days away from saying “I do”. Luckily, future Dr. Hubby has had some spare time in between finals and graduation to help me get things done. He helped me create our name cards and our candy bar sign which has been a HUGE help. Honestly, I have wished I had a wedding planner this past month because there is just SO much to do between dress fittings, table assignments, vendor coordination and all the little details. But, I have been thankful to have my mom and grandma who have been able to help with some of the to-dos.

4. He’s a DOCTOR!: Future Dr. Hubby graduated from Medical school this past weekend and I couldn’t be more proud of all of his hard work. It has been a long and rather challenging road, but we made it together! Friday night the medical school hosted an awards gala for the students at a fancy hotel in DC, which was a lot of fun and the graduation ceremony was on Sunday.

Yes, we coordinated, but I swear that was NOT intentional. I picked my dress out before I even saw his robes! But, it did make nice photos 🙂
At the Gala!

So I will be offline for a while as we are moving, getting married and going on a honeymoon in the next 2.5 weeks. But, I can’t wait to share everything with you once we return as Dr. and Mrs.!!


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