Alone at last

Due to DrH’s schedule and our attempts to save as much as possible, our honeymoon was our first real vacation together and it was wonderful! Our honeymoon was technically supposed to be a surprise to me, but DrH accidentally ruined the surprise back in March when the chairman of his residency program called to congratulate him and welcome him to the program. The chairman asked DrH if he was coming to Baltimore alone and when DrH said that we were getting married in May the chairman asked him if we were going to take a honeymoon. I was sitting on the couch 3 feet away when DrH very casually said, “Yes, we are going to Cancun for a week!”

He didn’t realize that he blew the surprise for hours until we were heading out with friends and I was like “So DrH ruined our honeymoon surprised!” He immediately responded with “expletive!! I totally forgot you were there!” Though he ruined the surprise, he did keep it for almost 6 months (pretty good) and everyone who knows me, knows that I am way too “Type A” for a surprise like that to work well :-).

So, yes we went to an all inclusive resort in Cancun for a week. We did a lot of relaxing and eating– exactly what we needed. It was wonderful to have some alone time with DrH in a relaxing environment after all the wedding hoopla and before he got started with residency. Who knows when our next vacation will be so we cherished our time.



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