Dr. & Mrs.

Hello all- I apologize for the extreme delay in getting back into the blog post -wedding. It has been a busy couple of weeks getting settled into the new apartment and getting back into the work routine. With that being said I’m excited to give you the recap of the wedding festivities.

First of all, I’d like to say I am THRILLED that I don’t have to do anymore wedding planning, but I have to admit every second of it was worth it because everything I had control over was PERFECT! So when people say, your wedding can’t be perfect, they are wrong- it can be perfect in your own way.

We had amazing vendors and if you are in DC/MD/VA region I recommend you look them up:

  • Hair/ makeup: For starters, my childhood friend Jen, who has her own salon, I would recommend to anyone and everyone. I seriously would not have trusted anyone else to touch my head on my wedding day! 🙂 She was at my parents house at 7am to start the beautifying process on me, my mom, my grandmother and 5 bridesmaids and then of course she was at the wedding. She even helped me with my veil switch before the reception.20140623-172548-62748244.jpg
  • Photography: Thanks to my friend Jen (same Jen as above) I was connected with Kory, of Twist Photography. Talk about talented. This woman can take gorgeous photos like nobody’s business. She did our engagement photos in DC and our wedding photos.
  • Videography: So, all I have to say is spend the money to get a videographer! You will regret it if you don’t. AND if you need one,  I HIGHLY recommend ours! Mike of Monachetti Weddings is seriously amazing. Check out their Vimeo site and Facebook page.
  • Flowers: I took a recommendation from a family friend to choose my florist and I am SO glad that I did. She did amazingly gorgeous work. I worked with Christine at Fleur de Lis in Baltimore.20140623-173441-63281005.jpg

Thank you all for kicking some wedding butt!

Also, a HUGE thank you to my beautiful bridesmaids who were right there by my side and got me through the stresses of the past 1.5 years. You all mean the world to me.


Above all, a lovingly thank you goes out to my parents who without fail are always there for me and hosted the most beautiful wedding ever (yes I’m biased, but really!). Love you guys!


To my wonderful husband who is now stuck with me until he dies (lucky him) thank you for helping me with the last minute wedding arts and crafts and showing up at our wedding even though you had been advised to RUN! haha.


Lastly, thank you to all our family and friends who celebrated with us! We hope you all had a good time!


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