DIY Wedding “Guestbook”

Are wedding guestbooks old fashioned? Well, I wasn’t interested in doing a traditional guestbook because the truth is that it would get stuck on the shelf  never to be looked at again. I also didn’t want to do a coffee table book with our engagement photos because that would have cost about $50 to make and again, it would probably end up on a shelf in no time. I wanted to do something different.

Like any modern bride-to-be, I took to Pinterest to get some new ideas. I saw some creative and some weird options. I mean really who wants to have a tabletop tree with paper leaves forever? Don’t laugh, I have seen that at a wedding! But, then I came across a picture of a platter with signatures and LOVED that idea. I was able to get a nice simple white platter at TJMaxx/HomeGoods for about $15. I then had my very artistic DrH draw on it with permanent marker. My idea was that this would be a nice personal kitchen decoration for DrH and I. Now I just need to bake it so it sets properly.






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