DIY: Place Cards & Table Names-DC Themed

Since DrH and I met in the nation’s capital we though it would fitting to incorporate a little taste of DC in our wedding. I thought long and hard and spent a lot of time on Pinterest trying to come up with a creative and tasteful way to make our table names and place cards have a DC flare. Since I didn’t want to take away from the antique feel of our other decorations it made things a little tricky.

I decided that I wanted to give each of the tables Metro stop names, so after some brainstorming I thought “wouldn’t it be cool to incorporate the Metro card, SmarTrip that everyone uses to ride the Metro?” Then it would be like everyone is “riding” the Metro to find their table (yes I am a bit of a nerd!) So after consulting my personal designer, DrH, we came up with a way to make the place cards look like the Metro SmarTrip. He used PhotoShop to create the image and then we printed and cut out each one.

We also had to come up with a way to denote what each guest chose to eat. Since I opted to assign people to tables, but not to a specific seat I had to find a way to show the waitstaff who got what just by looking at their place card. The way I chose to do that was to get 3 different colored flowers and hot-glued them to the cards.

In terms of the picture frames for the table names, it was more cost-effective to buy wooden frames for $4.50 and then paint them instead of buying 14 silver pictures frames which can be about $15 a frame.

Huge thanks to my mom for helping DrH and I put all our ideas together. I think everything turned out perfectly!

Close up of the table names when I was putting them together
Another shot of the place cards!
Another shot of the place cards!
Front and back of the place cards
Formal photos from the wedding to show how it looked.


Wooden picture frames: Michaels
Silver paint (for the frames): Michaels (Martha Stewart)
Flower decals: Michaels
Paper (White card stock): Staples



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