Soon-To-Be Little Sis

My little brother is getting married August 9th- yes, my parents are marrying us both off in one summer… they are clearly taking the empty-nester thing to another level! haha. But, that also means I’m finally getting the little sister that I begged my parents for for years after they decided (apparently in my 3 year old mind they had a choice) to have a little boy. As much fun as it was to have a little brother and wonderful as he is, he just was not as into playing dress-up as my little Barbie and American Girl doll loving self would have liked. So, my only option was to wait for him to get married to get one. But, he went the extra mile for me because he happened to fall in love with someone who conveniently (for me) is my size (height, shoe, dress size etc.) so we can play the grown-up version of dress-up which is called “shop in each other’s closets.” PERFECT!

All joking aside, I am very happy for the two of them and I’m excited to have a little sister, because if there is one thing I have learned over the past year, I would be no where without my family.

This past weekend we got to celebrate Rosemary with her bridal shower and bachelorette down in Virginia Beach. It was a fun-filled weekend of girl talk and showering Rosemary with love and enough baking supplies to help make my little brother pack on a few :). Her sister-in-law hosted a beautiful picnic themed shower and her two childhood best friends organized a fun 1920s themed bachelorette.

25 days!!

At the bridal shower!
1920s Flappers
Bridal party!

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