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Blubbering Sister

This past weekend my younger brother married his college sweetheart in Williamsburg, VA where they met almost five years ago. Both DrH and I were honored to stand by our sibling’s sides when they said their vows as members of their wedding party. DrH was not able to make it to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday because he had to work, but luckily he was able to take off time to be there for the main event.

I somehow managed to be a total blubbering mess on the wedding day. Yes, I was that girl. Might I add, I didn’t even cry at my own wedding! The waterworks started when all the girls gathered to pray before the ceremony and just when I thought I got it together I got worse! I totally set myself up for failure too because I went to see my brother before he escorted our mom down the aisle and I lost it! Of course my parents thought it was hilarious because they know how buttoned up I usually am. I walked away saying: “Since I didn’t cry at my wedding I clearly felt the need to make up for it! Just ignore me!” But, I successfully made it through the ceremony without snotting all over the place and only teared up during the vows. Ohh and then I cried all over again during the mother-son dance. #Lamesauce.

The ceremony and reception were beautiful and DrH and I thoroughly enjoyed being on the other side of things… aka MARRIED! 🙂 We actually danced, spoke to who we wanted to talk to and I even had two glasses of wine! Can you believe I didn’t even have one at our wedding?! Until you have planned your own wedding and experience how quickly it goes by, you won’t appreciate how nice it is to go to a wedding and actually just enjoy the event.

Welcome to the crazy family, Rosemary! Ryan, we are so glad you found your life partner. Love you guys! We hope the love birds are enjoying their honeymoon and much needed time to relax together.

Rehearsal dinner
Rehearsal dinner
Rehearsal dinner with the bridesmaids
Rehearsal dinner with the bridesmaids
Pre ceremony picture
Pre ceremony picture
I think we have done this before... maybe 70 days ago?
I think we have done this before… maybe 70 days ago?
My handsome date
My handsome date


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