Family Time: Labor Day Weekend

My family has officially grown by two this summer. The weekend after Memorial Day DrH and I got married and 70 days later my little brother got married. Family of 4 to family of 6 in 70 days! In years past my parents, brother and I have done our best to make it down to our family’s beach house on long weekends for some quality time together. This year all six of us were able to spend Labor Day weekend relaxing at beach, which was a nice way to end a very memorable and busy summer.

I know that these times are going to be few and far between due to DrH’s residency schedule, so I really enjoyed not be a 5th wheel and having my other half join us for a great weekend with the family. Over the weekend we spent time at the beach, went out for crabs, played miniature golf, took the jet-ski out and celebrated DrH’s 27th birthday. I’d say we crammed the weekend full of fun activities to last us until the next time we are able to get together. Until next time!

DrH & Me
DrH & Me
Mom & Dad
Mom & Dad
Sisters with matching suits
Sisters with matching suits
Ryan & Rosemary
Ryan & Rosemary

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  1. Monica says:

    Yay! Glad that you had some relaxation time together. Dr. H missed my older sister’s wedding back in August; I get the “Where’s your husband?” question fairly often now.

  2. PRMeetsOR says:

    I am so sorry he missed her wedding- that must have been tough! DrH was missed my brother’s rehearsal and made it for the wedding, which I was thankful for. But, I got a lot of ” Where is your husband and why isn’t he here?” People lack understanding.

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