Making A Home

I have received a lot of advice in regards to surviving DrH’s 7 year residency or frankly any stage of the medical training process. Some valid points and some flat out depressing. But, I’d say one of the best pieces of advice I received was to make your living space, whether it be a studio apartment or a 3 bedroom house, your home. Seems like common sense right? Well in DrH’s last year of medical school (our engagement year) I struggled with that because I didn’t know where we were going to end up a year from then and I didn’t see the point in decorating or making things feel home-like if we weren’t going to be there for long. But, now that we are married and know we will be in the area for a LONG time I have decided to make our space as put together as possible (on resident & PR pro salary 🙂 ).

When we moved out of our last place in northern VA and closer to Baltimore we were looking for a place with more space that we could grow into if need-be, but of course we were on a budget. We opted to rent again (See Catching Up- Month of May) since we ran out of time to house hunt before the wedding and I started to get anxious about the financial situation- Maryland is expensive! But, we chose a place that has great amenities and is a family friendly neighborhood out in the “country”, but close to everything. The apartment is a 1 bedroom with a “sun room” and a loft and we love it. All of our stuff fits in an organized fashion and we have room… maybe for a a little one in the coming years. We are quite content with our little home for a while and will reassess the situation when and if we need to.

With all that being said, I have slowly started to put things on the walls and rearrange furniture. I have done little projects here and there while DrH has been on call or working late on weeknights. My focus has been on the bedroom and once I am done there I will move on to the living room.

Since we are on a budget I have done my best to use things that we had and just repurpose/update. I used 4 white shelves that were in my room at my parents and spray- painted two of them black.  I also used some of the picture frames that I bought for our wedding reception. I kept most white, but painted two a pearly pink. I did however buy a few items to put an adult room together :-).

I also have to add that my wonderful Dad came over to help me with all the shelves and hanging items since DrH was working this past weekend. It was quite the father-daughter bonding experience over tape measuring and drilling. Did I mention that I am so thankful be close to home?! Well I am! Thanks for your help Dad!

Wall decorations
Shadow box with wedding keepsakes
Shadow box with wedding keepsakes
Wall at the foot of the bed

Items pictured above:

  • Black shelves: repurposed from parents house. Spray painted black.
  • Picture frames: repurposed from wedding reception. Painted two pink.
  • Pillows: Pink and white textured pillows, HomeGoods; floral Wayfair; Mr. & Mrs, gift.
  • Unity candles: our wedding unity candles
  • Black framed mirror: HomeGoods
  • “Love you more” sign: gift
  • Shadow box: HomeGoods
  • Duvet: wedding gift
  • White blanket: wedding gift

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