New Year, New Start

I realize that it has been quite some time since I have updated the blog world.10926422_10202829734895384_9030473121098065314_n The truth is that I was focusing any spare time I had on finding myself a new position closer to or in Baltimore.

As you know, once DrH matched in Baltimore, we were thrilled that we didn’t have to move far and I was able to keep my position at the PR agency I was with in DC until I was ready for a change. This thankfully meant one less stressor with the start of residency. It truly was a blessing financially and it has given me the opportunity to find something I really wanted in the health communications space at my own pace.

Unfortunately, after doing the 3 hour round trip commute to DC (due to traffic/metro) it really started to wear on me. I was working over 8 hours a day and then spent 3+ hours commuting- it was not sustainable. Not to mention that didn’t leave me any time to do anything that I enjoyed like spending time with friends or exercising and I saw DrH even less.

Right before Christmas I accepted a position with Johns Hopkins Medicine Marketing & Communications. I joined the team towards the end of January and I am already feeling much happier. My role, though challenging in it’s own right, is a little more life friendly- which is a nice change from the agency life I was living… which meant I was on call… all the time. In addition to having a better work-life balance, I also am now in the same city as DrH which makes seeing him around his busy schedule a little easier. We have even been able to grab a few lunches together before his over-night on call shifts!

I am really excited for my new chapter in Baltimore!


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