AMA Alliance Fireside Chat

When my husband was in medical school I didn’t have anyone to talk to about the world of medicine. Of course my husband was happy to talk to me about it, but he didn’t have all the information that I was looking for and I didn’t expect him to. I did my best to research through good ‘ol Google, but unfortunately it often left me feeling more anxious and concerned rather than relieved and supported- so I eventually just stopped looking. I wish I had somewhere to look or someone to turn to when I had questions about the process or really anything about the life I was choosing by being with my husband. At that time, I didn’t know that there was support for physician families, so it is my hope to reach those out there who are looking for guidance and support… we are here!

2b35d284-5221-42cd-ab88-99d1dcc7d122Around June 2014, right before residency started, I was put in touch with the AMA President-elect, Julie, as I talked about in a previous post, New Friends. She has been a great support and I am so thankful for her guidance already! As a reminder, the AMA Alliance is the largest organization representing the family of medicine in the US. The Alliance is a network of physicians and physicians’ spouses that represent all stages of the medical journey, from the training years to retirement. They are the “Volunteer Voice for Physician Families” and offer support, networking, and volunteer opportunities for medical spouses and families. Firesidechat

Julie and I are still growing our Baltimore group, Charm City Physician Families Alliance, but I have also decided to get more involved on a national level too. I will be a member of the AMA Alliance External Communications Committee for the 2015-16 year!

Last month Julie put me in touch with an Alliance member on the communications committee who was organizing a “fireside chat” on the topic of:  “We’ve Matched! Now What?” Since I just lived through this (and survived 🙂 !), I was happy to share any guidance I could.

This past Saturday two other resident spouses and I did a Live Google Hangout (I was on the east coast and they were on the west!) to share our perspectives, challenges, and tips on successfully transitioning into the next step in the medical journey with our doctor… residency! We discussed the moving process, how to find housing, how to meet new people and offered some of our lessons learned. The best part about this conversation, in my opinion, was that each of us had a different experience transitioning into residency so each of us were able to talk to every topic from different perspective. You can see the full conversation here!


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