I’m Back!

Wow, it has been over a year since I sat down to put a blog together. I guess that is a true testament to how busy/crazy things have been. So here is a brief recap of the highlights to get caught back up to today!

The last time I posted something it was unfortunately not an uplifting post, but I vowed when I started this blog that I was going to share the good, bad and ugly through our medical journey. In this case I shared our heartbreaking experience of miscarriage. Sharing our story was therapeutic for me and I hope that it has reached someone who needed some support and comfort to know that they aren’t alone.


May 2016 DrH and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary by taking a weekend trip to NYC. We were the stereotypical tourists making our way around the city and we loved every minute of it. I also accepted a new position as a Sr. PR specialist with a international investment firm.

July 2016 was the start of DrH’s third year of residency (3rd of 7). For his program the third year consists of six months on night float and six months on trauma. That means that on a rotating 4-6 weeks he was on nights and then he would switch to days. When he was on days, he also had call shifts, which meant that he basically worked 6-7 days a week. And when he was on nights, well let’s just say I didn’t seem him much in general.


Mid-July we found out that we were expecting! It was not planned as I was still being monitored by an oncologist, but of course we were thrilled! I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was a nervous wreck well into my second trimester. As many women who have lost a pregnancy and are blessed with a rainbow baby, the fear of something terrible happening again is front and center in your mind.


DrH and I went to San Diego for a week in September. This trip was planned to be a celebration to the end of my time being monitored by the oncologist, but it turned out to be our baby-moon instead :-). It was in the end of my first trimester so a good portion of the trip I wasn’t feeling well, but we made the best of it and got to see the sights.


The holidays were extra special this past year as both my brother and sister-in-law and DrH and I were expecting! We accidentally tend to do things around the same time as each other. We got married about 3 months apart and my SIL and I were 11 weeks apart with our pregnancies… weird right?! Early January our adorable little nephew was born! Becoming an Aunt is a close second to becoming a mommy. We couldn’t have been more excited for our little sibs 🙂


My mom put on an amazing baby shower in February to celebrate our little miracle. Since we chose a dog/yellow lab theme for the nursery (more to come on that later) she went above any beyond to make the shower that theme as well. It was a beautiful day surrounded by my family and friends celebrating our little man.

17626466_10207734454750315_6235777962815214583_nOn March 28 DrH and I welcomed our son, Andrew into this world! To say that I feel blessed wouldn’t be a strong enough word to describe how I feel. After two days of labor and 3.5 hours of pushing the stubborn little guy came out just in time to share a birthday with my brother/ his uncle! DrH was on nights when Andrew was born which made the first week and a half, before he was able to take a vacation week, a bit tough on our little family of three- but we survived with a little help from family!

In May we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary by almost forgetting about it! Talk about a “welcome to parenthood moment 😉 ! I was fortunate enough to be on maternity through the end of July to spend every possible minute with Andrew. The days all blended together, but if you ask DrH I was the happiest sleep deprived person ever. Nothing has made me happier than being a mom and I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be one.

I went back to work July 24th and DrH started his 4th year of residency July 1st (6 months until we are half way done!)  More to come when I can find a few free moments!




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