PGY 3: What It Was Really Like

Now that we have made it to the other side of DrH’s PGY3 year I’d like to take a minute to be honest about it: IT. WAS. ROUGH.

The third year of DrH’s program is known as the year of nights. They spend half of the year working nights and the other half on trauma service. In a rotating 4-6 week schedule he would be on nights, then trauma, then back to nights and well you get the point.ย When they are on trauma they also have to fill the quota of their call shifts for the year, so basically he was lucky to get one weekend a month off. But, the semi-good part was that when he was on nights he would be around, but usually unconscious, Friday night-Sunday afternoon.

For a whole year either he was on the opposite schedule from me (getting home when I was leaving for the office/ leaving for the hospital before I got home) or working so late that my pregnant self was in bed or heading to bed shortly after he got home.

That leads me to the second reason that made this year difficult, beyond the fact that DrH was working so much: I was pregnant from July-March and then we had a newborn April-June. The statement of the year from DrH was “Wow, you grew!” DrH was either talking about my pregnant belly after not seeing me for a week or talking about Andrew after barely seeing him in his early days of life.

To say that I am thrilled that PGY3 year is over is an understatement, but we all survived and are looking forward to a slightly lighter PGY4 schedule and more family time. Five more months and we will be halfway done with residency- wahoo!


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