Where have you been?

It has been over a year since I found the time to sit down and share some thoughts with the world- reasons being… I now have two children under the age of two, ohh and DrH is working ALL. THE. TIME. However, the later part of that statement isn’t exactly new news for the community that follows me.

We are now half way through DrH’s 5th year of residency and we have 2.5 years left and then we will be moving to FL for a year for his fellowship.

Just as a brief recap of what has happened over this last year:

  • This time last year I found out I was pregnant again when our first son was 9 months old- surprise!
  • DrH applied and accepted a fellowship position in FL starting Summer, 2021
  • DrH started his 5th year of residency and he has been doing an enfolded fellowship during this year- (had the option to do research or additional training…he is basically doing both- anyone surprised??? Probably not ;P)
  • Our second son, Luke was born in September
  • This month (January 2019) I decided to not return to work following my maternity leave

It has been a very busy and life changing year for us, but we feel so blessed and are so happy with how things are panning out. I will be back with more on a few topics like – 2 under 2, our fellowship application/ interview process, me leaving the work world, and overall how life is going at this stage of the training process. So stay tuned!


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