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DIY: Place Cards & Table Names-DC Themed

Since DrH and I met in the nation's capital we though it would fitting to incorporate a little taste of DC in our wedding. I thought long and hard and spent a lot of time on Pinterest trying to come up with a creative and tasteful way to make our table names and place cards have a… Continue reading DIY: Place Cards & Table Names-DC Themed

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DIY Wedding “Guestbook”

Are wedding guestbooks old fashioned? Well, I wasn't interested in doing a traditional guestbook because the truth is that it would get stuck on the shelf  never to be looked at again. I also didn't want to do a coffee table book with our engagement photos because that would have cost about $50 to make… Continue reading DIY Wedding “Guestbook”

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Candy Bar: Wedding Favor

Now that the wedding is over I thought it would be fun to share some of my wedding DIY projects with you. First one being the Candy Bar! Who does not like candy? This girl loves her candy! When candy bars started to become a "thing" that people did at weddings I thought that it… Continue reading Candy Bar: Wedding Favor

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Alone at last

Due to DrH's schedule and our attempts to save as much as possible, our honeymoon was our first real vacation together and it was wonderful! Our honeymoon was technically supposed to be a surprise to me, but DrH accidentally ruined the surprise back in March when the chairman of his residency program called to congratulate… Continue reading Alone at last

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Dr. & Mrs.

Hello all- I apologize for the extreme delay in getting back into the blog post -wedding. It has been a busy couple of weeks getting settled into the new apartment and getting back into the work routine. With that being said I'm excited to give you the recap of the wedding festivities.First of all, I'd like… Continue reading Dr. & Mrs.

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Catching up – Month of May

So I apologize that it has been about a month since I have updated everyone on our happenings, but let me tell you, things have been a little hectic. So here is the run down. 1. Living Situation: Earlier on I mentioned that we were house hunting because we would be in the area for a minimum… Continue reading Catching up – Month of May


Bridal Weekend

If there is one thing I have learned this year, it is to surround yourself with those that love and support you and not to worry about those who don't. That has been quite a harsh lesson to learn lately, but better late than never. My bridal weekend was the epitome of being surrounded by… Continue reading Bridal Weekend


Invite List & Invitations

When a couple gets engaged one of the first recommended wedding planning tasks is to begin putting together the invite list. It is wise to start compiling a list to get a grasp on event size expectations which ultimately helps shape a number of other pieces of the wedding. Once you determine a rough idea… Continue reading Invite List & Invitations


Save The Dates

Hello blog world!I apologize for the delay in posts, but things have been a little hectic. (More posts to come explaining!) But, now on to the fun stuff!Wedding planning has progressed and I have officially sent out the "Save The Dates" for the wedding! 232 days and counting! It was such a relief to get… Continue reading Save The Dates


Wait, how many different pink roses are there?!

Wedding planning... well as everyone who has planned a wedding knows, it is not always fun or easy to do. Often it is stressful and exhausting. I am lucky that my mom has been so supportive, and not in a pushy way. She lends an ear or gives her two cents, but only when I… Continue reading Wait, how many different pink roses are there?!