PGY 3: What It Was Really Like

Now that we have made it to the other side of DrH's PGY3 year I'd like to take a minute to be honest about it: IT. WAS. ROUGH. The third year of DrH's program is known as the year of nights. They spend half of the year working nights and the other half on trauma… Continue reading PGY 3: What It Was Really Like


I Have Joined the 1 in 4: Our Story of Miscarriage

Starting a family is a very personal choice for every person/couple. For DrH and me, it was a no-brainer that we would start a family (God willing) when the “time was right.” But, when is the time right exactly? And with him being in residency, there is never a “right” time, just maybe “better” times.… Continue reading I Have Joined the 1 in 4: Our Story of Miscarriage


Intern Year: We Survived and Thrived

Originally published on Physician Family When asked to reflect on intern year, I wasn’t quite sure what to say because it has gone by so fast. Briana doesn’t have something to say? Ha! Those who know me personally are probably laughing out loud! My husband began his neurosurgery residency in July 2014 and as of July… Continue reading Intern Year: We Survived and Thrived


First Married Christmas

Within your first year of marriage the average couple is excited to celebrate a lot of "firsts" together. Like every other newlywed girl in the world, I was excited to spend our first married Christmas together and start our own traditions. This was rather naive of me, knowing that I am married to a neurosurgery resident and the… Continue reading First Married Christmas


Family Time: Labor Day Weekend

My family has officially grown by two this summer. The weekend after Memorial Day DrH and I got married and 70 days later my little brother got married. Family of 4 to family of 6 in 70 days! In years past my parents, brother and I have done our best to make it down to our family's beach… Continue reading Family Time: Labor Day Weekend

PGY1, Yummy Yummy

Something Sweet & Spicy

As I mentioned before, I have been experimenting in the kitchen and getting a few more "go-to" recipes under my belt. I have really enjoyed the crock-pot dinners that I have found on Pinterest because they are so easy to do and can cook while I am at work. Nothing beats coming home and already… Continue reading Something Sweet & Spicy


Happy Blogaversary!

Happy blogaversary to PR Meets OR! It has been a year since I finally got the courage to start sharing my life through writing with everyone and what a year it has been! I am so glad that I kept up with it throughout the year (through the fun, the exciting and the scary) and I… Continue reading Happy Blogaversary!

Yummy Yummy

Stuffed Peppers

So I have to say, I am quite proud of my cooking efforts lately- we will see how long it lasts 🙂 I got adventurous (in my mind) last week and made something that I have not done before- stuffed peppers! They were very easy to do and pretty tasty. Best part: we had leftovers to take… Continue reading Stuffed Peppers

PGY1, Yummy Yummy

Taco Chicken Bowls

We are halfway through week 3 of DrH's first rotation of residency, which happens to be neuro ICU, and I have come to the conclusion that as long as I keep him fed, he is happy - well that and if I tuck him into bed as early as possible :-). I have always enjoyed baking, but I'd… Continue reading Taco Chicken Bowls