Follies 2014

Every year future Dr. Hubby's medical school puts on what they call "Follies." It is a bunch of skits, dances and videos making fun of their experiences and an opportunity to share their other talents. The entire show is put on by the medical school- everything from the production to the music. It is really… Continue reading Follies 2014


Match Day 2014

As expected future Dr. Hubby and I had a very sleepless Thursday night. I woke up to him watching videos on Hulu at 3:30am because he just couldn't sleep. Seriously, the morning couldn't come soon enough. Before heading to the school we had to stop by the hospital for future Dr. Hubby to get some blood work… Continue reading Match Day 2014

Life, MS4

DC’s 4th Snow Day & He Matched!

Well this winter has been something else. It is St. Patrick's Day and today was the fourth day that DC shutdown due to snow. Hello Mother Nature it is March 17! Yes, when you live/ work in the district you learn very quickly that they have NO idea how to handle a few inches of… Continue reading DC’s 4th Snow Day & He Matched!


Another Second Look & Final Rank List

In my last post I ended with saying: "In the next 2.5 weeks we will be nailing down the list and hoping for the best. " Well, in those 2.5 weeks we took a little trip! The most important thing that I learned from future Dr. Hubby's residency interview process is to keep an open… Continue reading Another Second Look & Final Rank List


Rank Lists & 2nd Looks

Time is flying by and Match Day will be here before we know it! Future Dr. Hubby's rank list is due February 26th which means most of our conversations for the past week have revolved around various residency programs around the country. So much so I have implemented a rule- no talking about rank list/… Continue reading Rank Lists & 2nd Looks


The “C” Word

No I am not talking about that nasty word that people call b****y women. I am talking about the word that has become all too common to hear and has touched everyone to some degree. Yes, I am talking about CANCER. When I was a child my grandfather had stomach cancer, when I was 15… Continue reading The “C” Word


The Countdown

A few months ago my soon to be sister-in-law showed me a countdown app for my iphone. She has hers set counting down to when she and her husband will finish his 5 year orthopedic surgery residency; which at the time they were about a year and a half into. Me being the type-A planner… Continue reading The Countdown


Interview Update

So we are about six interviews into this and I have learned a few things about the residency interview process thus far that I thought I'd share  with you. 1. It is a total crap shoot. When you send out your applications you tend to have a general idea of where you think you will be… Continue reading Interview Update


Pick Your Own Adventure

Pick Your Own Adventure As I mentioned in my last post (Residency Applications & Interviews), Future Dr. Hubby (FDH) submitted his residency applications a few weeks ago and is now receiving interview offers. At this point he has completed two interviews and has more being scheduled from now through January. When you were a kid… Continue reading Pick Your Own Adventure


Residency Applications & Interviews

Well the time has come (and gone) when the future Doctor Hubby had to submit his residency application (ERAS) to programs around the country. The application in like a college application, but on steroids. It includes a personal statement, at least 4 written recommendations, resume (CV) and an online form (I also might be missing… Continue reading Residency Applications & Interviews