Match Day 2014

As expected future Dr. Hubby and I had a very sleepless Thursday night. I woke up to him watching videos on Hulu at 3:30am because he just couldn't sleep. Seriously, the morning couldn't come soon enough. Before heading to the school we had to stop by the hospital for future Dr. Hubby to get some blood work… Continue reading Match Day 2014

Life, MS4

DC’s 4th Snow Day & He Matched!

Well this winter has been something else. It is St. Patrick's Day and today was the fourth day that DC shutdown due to snow. Hello Mother Nature it is March 17! Yes, when you live/ work in the district you learn very quickly that they have NO idea how to handle a few inches of… Continue reading DC’s 4th Snow Day & He Matched!


Rank Lists & 2nd Looks

Time is flying by and Match Day will be here before we know it! Future Dr. Hubby's rank list is due February 26th which means most of our conversations for the past week have revolved around various residency programs around the country. So much so I have implemented a rule- no talking about rank list/… Continue reading Rank Lists & 2nd Looks