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Parenthood in Residency: The Beginning

“Ok, Briana, I think you might want to call your husband and get him up here, it is about time to start pushing!” You are probably wondering: Why would she need to call her husband if she was that far along in labor, shouldn’t he already be with her? Well, yes, that would be the… Continue reading Parenthood in Residency: The Beginning


PGY 3: What It Was Really Like

Now that we have made it to the other side of DrH's PGY3 year I'd like to take a minute to be honest about it: IT. WAS. ROUGH. The third year of DrH's program is known as the year of nights. They spend half of the year working nights and the other half on trauma… Continue reading PGY 3: What It Was Really Like


Miss Independent

Many times throughout this medical journey Kelly Clarkson's lyrics "Miss independent; Miss self-sufficient" have rang through my head. Sometimes more as an anthem to keep myself strong and other times as a "hell yes!" pat on my back for getting through something challenging entirely on my own. The one piece of advice that I was offered at the… Continue reading Miss Independent


Intern Year: We Survived and Thrived

Originally published on Physician Family When asked to reflect on intern year, I wasn’t quite sure what to say because it has gone by so fast. Briana doesn’t have something to say? Ha! Those who know me personally are probably laughing out loud! My husband began his neurosurgery residency in July 2014 and as of July… Continue reading Intern Year: We Survived and Thrived

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AMA Alliance Fireside Chat

When my husband was in medical school I didn't have anyone to talk to about the world of medicine. Of course my husband was happy to talk to me about it, but he didn't have all the information that I was looking for and I didn't expect him to. I did my best to research through good… Continue reading AMA Alliance Fireside Chat

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New Year, New Start

I realize that it has been quite some time since I have updated the blog world. The truth is that I was focusing any spare time I had on finding myself a new position closer to or in Baltimore. As you know, once DrH matched in Baltimore, we were thrilled that we didn't have to move… Continue reading New Year, New Start


First Married Christmas

Within your first year of marriage the average couple is excited to celebrate a lot of "firsts" together. Like every other newlywed girl in the world, I was excited to spend our first married Christmas together and start our own traditions. This was rather naive of me, knowing that I am married to a neurosurgery resident and the… Continue reading First Married Christmas


Residency Survival: Lessons Learned

Originally published on Physician Family Only six years and eightish months to go. The last time everyone heard from me, my husband was just beginning the first rotation of his neurosurgery intern year. We were eager to get started and excited to move into this next phase of the medical training process. Well, honestly, he was… Continue reading Residency Survival: Lessons Learned


Happy Blogaversary!

Happy blogaversary to PR Meets OR! It has been a year since I finally got the courage to start sharing my life through writing with everyone and what a year it has been! I am so glad that I kept up with it throughout the year (through the fun, the exciting and the scary) and I… Continue reading Happy Blogaversary!


Lives of Doctor Wives

A couple weeks before our wedding I was reading a fellow dr.'s wife's blog and she mentioned joining a Facebook group called "Lives of Doctor Wives." It is a private group of physician spouses all over the country who are all at different stages of the schooling, training and practicing process. I was thrilled to find… Continue reading Lives of Doctor Wives